Cleaning robot

Robots: the more the merrier

Concept, draft #1

The basic idea of this robot:

  1. explore nearby area in the search of two things: (first attempt)
    1. a table to be cleaned (Source)
    2. a place to deposit the Objects found on table (Destination)
  2. once it has a description for Source & Destination:
    1. find a way back to Source
      1. detect an Object
      2. if Source looks empty, jump to step 3
      3. pick Object (U-Clamp mechanism)
      4. lift Object
    2. approach Destination
      1. deposit Object
      2. bounce back to step 2
  3. Sing [insert-song-here] and turn off

Case 1. If we’d implement SLAM (Simultaneous localization and mapping), we could describe our Source & Destination by looking on the map for:

  1. a rectangular object with a height (Source)
  2. an empty space, respresented by a virtually bounded area (Destination)

Object: a PET bottle or a glass (description of Object will be refined and/or restricted further more)

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